Celebrating The Life of a Friend

A collage of photographs from John's life.

A collage of photographs from John’s life.

If you are one of those North Ender’s who played at Shaw House or attended either Wianno Caddy Camp or Oyster Harbors’ Caddy Camp down the Cape in 70’s and 80’s, you are sure to remember a good guy named John Cotillo.  John was the Director of Wianno Caddy Camp and also the Director of Oyster Harbor’s Caddy Camp after Mr. Dexter retired.  John also worked for years at Shaw House in North Bennet Street School.  Shaw House was the predecessor to the Nazzaro Center, as many people now know is the place for the neighborhood kids to go and play after school.  When I was younger, we all went to “Club” at Shaw House and then Teen Lounge, both housed at the former location of the North Bennet Street School, just a few doors down from the Nazzaro Center.

 John Cotillo passed away this January in Florida where he has been living for the last several years.  A few weeks ago, several friends and members of John’s family spent the day at his sister Adele’s house and reminisced about the old days and how much fun it was to be with our good friend John Cotillo.

 Personally, I got to reconnect with people I went to camp with at Oyster Harbor’s and have not seen some of them in almost 40 years.  It was a glorious day and a great tribute to a great friend, brother and more!

John will surely be missed by all who knew him, Rest in Peace My Friend!

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