Director Very Community Minded

Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s selection of Jeremy Smith as the Director of the City’s Neighborhood Services Department was a solid move for neighborhoods.
Smith appears to be a community advocate that is willing to listen to neighborhood requests, concerns and needs.
Smith told North End residents that a city audit of Boston streets to determine conditions and to resolve them ASAP was well received.
He also advised residents and the business community that the Mayor has created a Zoning Board Authority Committee to help reduce small business and certain landlords lengthy waits for improvement requests that will meet on Thursdays. This idea was also well received.
He also announced the start of on-site abutter meetings with developers and landlords to discuss their plans on an up-front, face to face, directly at the location of requests. Well received as well.
Smith appears to be a standup guy who was ready and willing to work with neighborhoods to improve city services. He has been reassigned. Our loss.

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