Representative Michlewitz Stops 4am Closure License Bil

North End State Representative Aaron Michlewitz has opposed extending the late-night drinking hours bill passed in the Senate.

While the House turned down the 4am closure bill, the Senate quickly proposed an amendment in its Economic Development Bill.

According to Representative Michlewitz the House has already put in place it’s economic development bill and it doesn’t include the 4am closure issue.

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh first proposed the late-night drinking hour in Boston bars and restaurants which was defeated on Beacon Hill.

Late-night drinking in Boston was opposed by several communities including the North End. Residents were concerned that the new policy would spread into their neighborhood which they claim is already overwhelmingly saturated with hundreds of businesses most of which would attempt to obtain a 4am closure license.

Michlewitz along with his colleagues felt a future discussion on the issue is needed.

Reportedly, Mayor Walsh was disappointed with the results and created a late-night task force to examine ways to increase the city’s nightlife.

North End residents have publicly expressed that the 4am policy would have an extremely negative effect on the neighborhood.

The community, especially on weekends, is experiencing a late night early morning lifestyle issue with people visiting the North End from other nearby establishments, creating  loud noise and many other negative issues.

The bill is being resurrected in the Senate. If passed, the House will have to deal with it again.

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