North End Parking Made Much Easier?

Like many other North End residents Alex Shvartz owns a car and constantly struggles with street parking, so he has come up with an idea to make street parking in the neighborhood much easier, so he claims.

Alex has apparently developed a mobile application (Android, iPhone) that does the following: Shows the map with street cleaning information for every North End street, remembers where you parked your vehicle, alerts you to upcoming street cleaning on the street you parked on and shows empty street parking spots.

This app will be free for North End residents but Alex is seeking sponsors for this project he developed with his personal funds.

While he plans to keep the app free of advertisements he would like to cover some of the development and distribution costs.

Sponsorship signs will be placed in business locations, on the application map and on-the-flyers that will be distributed to every car in the North End, Alex claimed.

Alex believes this is a great idea and a good way to give back to the community.

Anyone interested in this community project should contact Alex at 978-394-5577.

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