NEWRA Opposes Restaurant Location Change

NEWRA Vice President Ford Cavallari spoke on the Tia’s Restaurant issue

NEWRA Vice President Ford Cavallari spoke on the Tia’s Restaurant issue

An occupancy change, an entertainment addition and a presentation on recycling were part of the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) monthly meeting agenda.

The public community meeting was well attended and numerous NEWRA Committee reports and updates from local officials were presented.

Both State Representative Aaron Michlewitz and Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina spoke about license bills still in the legislature.

Discussions focused on a 4am closure for bars and restaurants, equal distribution in needed areas and transferring the State controlled Liquor License Board to the City of Boston.

Representative Michlewitz felt that the transfer of the control would pass and Councilor LaMattina completely supports the change to city control.

If enacted, the mayor would nominate members with the City Council confirming their appointments.

Representative Michlewitz and Councilor LaMattina expressed concerns about 4am closure licenses and the effects on neighborhoods they represent.

NEWRA, by a vote of 7 to 28, opposed the relocation of Pomodoro Restaurant, 319 Hanover Street to 204-204A Hanover Street, former High Gear Jewelry.

Established in 1992, restaurant owner Siobhan Carew did not renew her lease with the owners of the 319 Hanover Street for unexplained reasons and planned to move to another Hanover Street location.

The new location would seat 39, 30 inside and 9 on a designated area outside but not on the sidewalk. Closing hours would be 11pm, 7 days a week, and the transfer of the restaurant’s beer and wine license would be requested.

Although the Board of Appeal granted Tia’s Restaurant a change to their entertainment license, NEWRA voted 28-6 to be a part of their decision making when the license probation period expires in six months.

While the restaurant is not in the North End/Waterfront area covered by the neighborhood group, NEWRA claims noise from the outside seating area is disturbing.

Tia’s did appear before both NEWRA and NEWNC for information purposes only before their request was approved.

NEWRA acknowledged that they would have to negotiate with the Wharf District Council in order for the association to be included in their jurisdiction.

NEWRA selected Philip’s Salon on Hanover Street as the July recipient of its “Good Neighbor” Award for helping to keep the neighborhood clean.

The Association will hold its summer party on Wednesday, August 20 at the Pilot House from 6:30 to 9pm. The event is free.

A Public Works Department representative spoke on the importance of recycling now that the neighborhood has two-days per week of recycling. The representative also explained what can or cannot be placed into single stream recycling and how to properly dispose of items which are not acceptable.

The next NEWRA monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, August 14 at 7pm.

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