Humans Have Added to the Messy North End Problem

While Responsible Urbanites For Fido (RUFF) continues to make a solid effort to remind dog owners of their responsibilities to the neighborhood to pickup after their pets, it seems that the warmer weather has helped add to the problem.

Public playgrounds and parks are beginning to feel the brunt of the unhealthy situation created by dog owners.

What would it be like if RUFF was not actively involved trying to correct the nasty situation caused by inconsiderate canine owners?

If dog droppings aren’t enough of a problem, humans are pretending to be dogs and leaving surprises in or on private property, sidewalks and other places.

Can and the City or State do anything to stop this ugly situation? No one seems to know.

RUFF is apparently the only group attempting to help resolve the problem but they can’t do it alone.

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