Old North Honors Eliot School 8th Grader

For years, Old North has welcomed students and their families from both the North Bennett Street School and the Eliot School for their end-of-year ceremonies.

Recently the Eliot School 8th graders held their moving-on ceremony at the church.  Last year, the church began honoring an outstanding 8th grade history student with small gift from Old North.  A tradition they hope to continue.

The Old North Church History Award went this year to Alessio Spencer.  According to his teachers, “Alessio has always maintained an insatiable interest in finding out more about the history of the world around him.

He has consistently elevated the level of discourse in his history classes throughout his middle school career at the Eliot by sharing his depth of knowledge and analytical thinking.

He regularly raises deep questions about his learning and considers multiple perspectives on every issue.

Even more importantly, Alessio has continued his pursuit of learning beyond the walls of the classroom and has independently sought out resources at home to extend his learning and further deepen his understanding of the world.”

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