Residents Want Quality of Life Issues Dealt with Soon

Quality of life issues in the North End is a top priority for residents who want some relief from these every day inconveniences, especially on weekends and holidays.

Residents have advised City Hall, Boston Police and elected officials that the many related incidents need to be addressed more vigorously or the situation will only get worse.

At several community public meetings, residents have raised their voices asking for help for some peace and tranquility, but the nasty situations continue to occur, again and again.

Boston Police are attempting to respond to 911 calls regarding quality of life issues, but it appears they are handcuffed by priority calls which demand their attention. However, residents have publicly complained about the action or non-action taken when please respond.

In fairness police have made some arrests and handed out some fines relating to quality of life incidents throughout the community.

However, residents want more arrests and fines handed out to the non-caring violators that are disturbing the peace during late night and early morning flairs.

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