The Tunnel is Closing…. the Tunnel is Closing

North End residents and the business community need to prepare for the full closure of the Callahan Tunnel 24/7 for three and a half months.

MassDOT will be engaging in major repairs in the tunnel and has recommended alternative routes to get to other cities and towns on the other side of the tunnel.

The project is expected to create some transportation delay problems when the project starts December 27, 2013.

Residents need to help spread the word relating to the tunnel closure in order to make things much easier when the time comes.

The business community, using their email and face book, must also chip in with getting the message out to their customers and employees.

MassDOT has and will continue to present the tunnel closure message, however, the North End/Waterfront community needs to do so as well.

The tunnel is closing…The tunnel is closing is the clear message.

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