Take a Real Good Look at Mayoral Candidates Before Voting

The direction the City of Boston will take over the next four years will be in the hands of one of the many candidates seeking to fill Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s seat at City Hall.

Whoever emerges as the winner will obviously play a key role in keeping Boston “A World Class City” while meeting the needs of the city’s numerous neighborhoods. A new Mayor will have much to do to meet these demands.

Boston needs to secure additional revenue sources to create more jobs, make citywide repairs, fund senior, youth and veterans programs and the list goes on.

Boston voters need to take a real good look at the many candidates and their agendas to determine who will benefit the city and its neighborhoods the most for four years.

The primary will provide two candidates that will square-off against each other in the final election, that will determine the next Mayor of Boston.

Voters need to take some time to evaluate each candidate before voting in the primary. It’s important that voters get out and vote but it is equally important that voters select a person who they think can get the job done effectively.

Don’t just guess who should be the city’s top leader, do some research.

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