North End Stories Hosts “Pop-Up” Italian American Cultural Museum

Some of the exhibitors showing their art.

Some of the exhibitors showing their art.

North End Stories hosted a ‘pop-up’ Italian-American Cultural Museum at the gateway to the North End, on Cross Street between Hanover and Salem Streets. Earlier in the day, the group hosted a similar event in Uphams Corner on Dudley Street and Columbia Road.

There were multi-media ‘exhibits’ to learn about the history of Italians in Boston’s North End. But unlike a typical museum, the exhibits were made up of North End residents and supporters who shared stories, explained photographs and showed short documentaries about the North End. Attendees were able to engage with actual community members.

North End Stories is a digital media project, created by Jeanne Dasaro, who was awarded a small grant from The Boston Foundation’s Expressing Boston initiative for this demonstration. See for videos, photographs and examples of the stories displayed at the Italian-American “pop-up” museum.

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