NEWNC Says No to Segway Proposal

By a unanimous 9-0 vote the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council voted to oppose a request by Frances Lauria for zoning relief to change the use of the property at 420 Commercial Street to include Segway rentals and retail of Segway accessories.

Currently the use of the property is coded for a gas station, parking and offices.

Reportedly the area was being used for Segway use until the owner received a code violation from the City.

NEWNC President Stephen Passacantilli announced that the scheduled March Mechanical Street Cleaning, the week of the 4th has been cancelled due to roadway conditions. “Public Works Department will re-evaluate the situation and advise residents when the street cleaning will start,” he said.

North End resident and multi business owner Jorge Mendoza expressed his opinion about the City of Boston’s suggestion to cut the days of trash pick-up from three to two and cutting down the hours that household trash can be placed out.

“Cutting the number of days and the hours of placement will not help the neighborhood’s problem,” Mendoza said. “We have problems with the three days as it is, imagine two days, trash will be all over the place and continue to be placed out improperly.

“The North End is a growing community. More and more families are moving in,” he noted. “That simply means more trash.”

He said, “Most residents do not have enough space to store trash for an extra day.”

Mendoza adamantly opposes these changes. “They will not make any real difference. Things will get worse.”

The next NEWNC monthly meeting will be held on Monday, March 11 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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