Not Afraid to Speak Her Mind

Two males, approximately in their twenties, reportedly verbally abused a North End senior when she asked them not to park in a handicap space in a housing project parking lot, according to an email sent to the Regional Review by the victim.

Apparently both males were intoxicated  six footers who gave the four foot, five inch female who gets around in a power chair a hard time.

The victim reported that she was treated to a torrent of screaming and cursing from the two alleged drunks, all because they were asked not to park in a handicap parking space. She was told by the bigger and reportedly the drunker of the two idiots that he “would park anywhere he felt like” and his “tax dollars paid for her welfare apartment” and if she was “so disabled, why was she “out so late at night.”

“These two men were drinking and driving, putting everyone at risk, including themselves,” she wrote.

“These two clowns could have been doing other things in their lives besides being abusive to a woman old enough to be their grandmother,” she noted.

“I am often told to leave it alone or mind my business but I have to live with myself later on if these two drunken fools do end up plowing into someone or something, at least I will know that by telling someone about them, I tried to stop it,” she added.

She wrote: FYI, they were driving a silver grey SUV.

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