Residents Support Bartlett Place Plans

Sunshine and shadows in Bartlett Place.

Sunshine and shadows in Bartlett Place.

North End residents, including abutters, supported the Department of Public Works (DPW) plans for Bartlett Place at a public meeting last week.

At a community meeting held September 11, 2012, residents explained what they didn’t want in the small area just off Salem Street.

DPW presented new plans for the area that abuts some private property. Plans call for some plants, small trees, repaving, bike racks, drainage repairs and possible sidewalk work.

“If everything goes smoothly the project could start in six or seven months,” DPW Principal Civil Engineer Zachary E. Wassmouth said.

He noted that another meeting with abutters and businesses would be held to determine the location of items that will be placed in the area.

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina, who has been working with city officials and residents to make the rehabilitation of Bartlett Place a reality said, ” DPW has gone back to the drawing board to produce a good proposal that seems to work for all parties involved.” He publically supported the plan at the meeting.

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