Crime Statistics Down 15% in North End

Captain Bernard O’Rourke pre¬pares for Public Safety meeting.

District A-1 Commanding Officer Captain Bernard O’Rourke told North End/Waterfront residents, at a recent Public Safety Committee meeting, that crime in the neighborhood was down fifteen percent on a year to year basis.

He also pointed out that residents need to call 911 immediately for police to respond in a timely manner. See something…Say something.

Captain O’Rourke gave an overview of crime statistics over the past thirty days which were as follows.

No homicides, sexual assaults, community disorderly, one robbery, five aggravated assaults, five breaking and entering, four auto thefts, sixteen larceny from motor vehicles and fourteen towed motor vehicles.

He also noted that 448 parking citations were written and 143 motor vehicle violations were handed out.

Larceny from motor vehicles topped last month’s chart with 16. Stolen goods included cash, computers, cameras, headphones, sunglasses and other items.

“This is the most preventable crime,” Captain O’Rourke told residents. “Just don’t leave these items in plain sight and these numbers will decline.”

Aggravated assaults took place on Cooper Street and Lewis Wharf on September 7, North Margin Street on the 8th, Cleveland Place on the 19th and Baldwin Place on the 24th.

The police indicated that there were five arrests made in the community. Disorderly, a forty year old waving a loaded fire arm in public, an assault on a police officer, an assault relating to a parking dispute, car vandalism and an incident involving a stabbing that started outside of the North End and carried over to Endicott Street.

In addition, while towing a vehicle on Commercial Street, the owner ran over to the police officer telling him it was his vehicle. He was arrested for having marijuana and cocaine in the front seat of his vehicle.

One robbery was reported on September 10th at 2:30pm on the corner of Fleet and Hanover Streets. A man stopped a person and asked for two dollars, when the victim took out his wallet the robber grabbed it and ran away and left the scene in a red vehicle.

On September 16th at 12:30am a woman claimed she was assaulted by a man with a knife at Union Wharf. She had a cut on her right thumb.

On September 22nd at 1:52am a man was hit by water from the second floor on Thatcher Court.

An argument occurred and a person came out of a building with a baseball bat causing injuries to a man who was taken to MGH.

Sergeant Tom Lema noted that police have responded to six loud parties, three involved college students and three with young professionals. He reminded residents that Suffolk University pays for police details every Thursday, Friday and Saturday and has a representative in a police vehicle to respond to loud parties. If they involve Suffolk students the school takes disciplinary action.

One resident from Endicott Street told police that there are numerous parties and lots of noise from the four apartments at 153 Endicott Street.

Another resident claimed young people, both men and women, are urinating near a house on North Margin Street in the early morning hours. When confronted they responded with loud vulgarity.

Sgt. Lema noted that police wrote licenses and permit violations at Bricco’s on Hanover Street and Modica’s on Richmond Street. Violations included open windows after 11pm and permits and licenses not displayed or couldn’t be produced.

Sgt. Lema has coordinated a basketball tournament and participated in the Hoodsie Truck Program giving free ice cream in various neighborhoods, is attempting to, put together a bowling tournament between several communities and Boston Police.

The next NEWNC/Boston Police Public Safety Committee monthly meeting will be held on Thursday, November 3 at 6:30pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street.

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