Clean Streets Committee Sets Goals

Trash, rodents and enforcement were the words echoing through the Nazzaro Community Center Hall at last week’s NEWRA Clean Streets Committee monthly meeting.

Residents on several occasions expressed their concerns that there is not enough enforcement in the area to stop household trash from being placed out improperly.

Rodent control was another issue of concern, as well as owners not picking up after their pets.

Education and enforcement are the keys to a cleaner neighborhood was the theme at the community meeting.

The committee will once again distribute literature throughout the neighborhood asking some businesses to help get the message out by handing informational brochures to their customers. The group plans to have landlords, management firms and real estate companies also do the same.

“It’s frustrating to see the attitude problems that exists in the community concerning these issue,” Committee chairperson Dave Grant said. “I recently witnessed a person walk by a trash barrel and instead of dropping the item he had in the barrel, he threw it on the ground,” Grant added.

Anne Pistorio told the committee “Many landlords are placing cameras on their buildings to make sure their tenants are placing out household trash properly and to see if others are placing trash in front of their property.”

Some residents wanted more trash barrels placed in the neighborhood or to start an adopt a barrel program. One resident suggested the city place a dumpster at two ends of the community periodically so that residents can get rid of unwanted items.

The committee also discussed the possibility of a major community clean-up, starting with the Paul Revere Mall (Prado) just off of Hanover Street.

The committee selected Modica’s Restaurant on Richmond Street as their September recipient of the “Good Neighbor” Award for consistently cleaning the sidewalk and curb in front of the place of business.

The next Clean Streets Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 18 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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