The Expanded Gaming Bill

Last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill allowing expanded gaming in Massachusetts – that is – 3 casinos and a racino with slots.

This is about the best bit of business performed for us by the House in quite some time.

There is likely to be a casino at Suffolk Downs in East Boston. That casino and two others operating in this state will generate tons of money and millions upon millions of new tax revenues for the state for ultimate distribution to the cities and towns and to the neighborhoods like the North End.

Gambling isn’t panacea. But the casinos will be built exclusively with private money.

We don’t pay for them. They pay for themselves.

Also, no one is forced to enter a casino to gamble any more than residents of Massachusetts or the North End are forced to buy Scratch tickets or Lottery tickets.

Three casinos in Massachusetts won’t alter society here an iota.

They won’t cause the streets to be paved with gold, either.

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