Low Turnout for NEWNC Election

-By Phil Orlandella

It was a low turnout for this year’s North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council’s Board to elect six members to two-year terms.

Only 203 residents cast ballots for nine candidates seeking seats on the elected community Council.

Topping the ticket was Philip Frattaroli with 115 votes. Last election he lost a seat on the Council by one vote.

The six elected members will join five other Councilors who still have a year left on their two-year term.

They will serve along with Donna Freni, Ann Devlin Tagliafero, Marie Simboli who topped the ticket last election, Ryan Kenny and Giannarlo Tiberi.

A one year term remains open due to the death of Mario Alfano earlier this year.

Three candidates received over fifty percent of the votes cast, Frattaroli 115, Stephen Passacantilli current President 109 and Jorge Mendoza 104.

Election Results

Philip Frattaroli-115 Stephen Passacantilli-109

Jorge Mendoza-104

Johnathan Sprout-74

Bill Lane-61

David Marx-59

Karen Ventola D’Amico-51

Jennifer Lyons-39

Mansfield Joseph Holmes-36

NEWNC meets the second Monday of each month at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street.

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