Hazmat Vehicle Study Apparently in City Hands

-By Phil Orlandella

North End/Waterfront residents and several elected officials have long awaited a public safety study on routing hazardous material cargo and hazmat trucks along Commercial and Cross Streets.

Reportedly, that information has reached City Hall and a community meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, May 19 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street.

It has been reported that sources close to the situation have indicated that the analysis supports banning the hazmat vehicles from cutting through any of the North End/Waterfront streets.

Reportedly, the study recommends routing the vehicles completely outside the City of Boston to the I-95/ Route 128 corridor.

City officials and local elected officials have been briefed and the Mayor and the Boston Transportation Department expect to make an imminent public statement at the neighborhood meeting or before the meeting.

Officials appear to be pleased with the results of the independent study and expect a positive reaction from residents who have protested the idea of these vehicles passing through the neighborhood.

While details have not been released, the study results apparently implore State and Federal authorities to stop hazmat trucks from traveling through the City unless they have business in Boston.

Hundreds of these vehicles apparently travel through the City each day.

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