Eight North End/Nazzaro Center students accepted to Boston Latin

By Phil Orlandella

Several Nazzaro Center members and North End students have passed this year’s Boston Latin School exam and will attend the elite school this coming September 2010.

If all goes well, Max Agin, Solomon Taieb, Jenny Peterlin, TJ Shea, CJ Valdez, Aimee Chan and Julia Vitello will be a part of the school’s Class of 2016.

Generally regarded as one of the best school to attend, Boston Latin School is the oldest public school in the nation.

"Going to Boston Latin is the dream of most grade school children and the hope of every parent for their children," Center Director Carl Ameno said.

"So prized is a seat in the school that numerous weekend and after school programs have sprung up across the city over the years to prepare participants for the exam," Ameno said.

Ameno noted that the "School can boast of five signers of the Declaration of Independence graduates and has an alumni association that most small colleges envy."

He pointed out that an "Astonishing ninety-nine percent of graduates gain entrance into a four-year college upon graduation with almost all of them receiving some sort of financial help from the school."

Ameno said, "With the costs of private school tuitions reaching the level of some colleges, the benefits and rewards of attending this prestigious school are incalculable."

Ameno on behalf of the Nazzaro Center wishes the class of 2016 all the best.

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