Clean Streets Committee on top of all the issues

By Phil Orlandella

NEWRA Clean Streets Committee at last week’s monthly meeting formed a sub-committee to nominate local residents and businesses to receive the group’s "Good Neighbor" Award for their efforts to keep the neighborhood clean.

The award recognizes those who continuously clean the sidewalk and curbs in front of their place of residence or business.

The first awards were presented to V.Cirace & Son, Inc. and Salem Street True Value Hardware.

LaFamiglia Giorgio was selected as May’s award winner. The committee felt owner Albert DiGiorgio has always made sure the area in front of his eatery is clean. He even steam cleans the side walk.

Sub-committee members are: Marie Simboli, Anne Pistore and Mike Bloomer. They will nominate three businesses and/or residents to receive the monthly award to the committee and one of the three will be selected for the award.

Several committee members volunteered to distribute additional flyers relating to the Good Neighbor Award.

Frank O’Brien, City of Boston Public Works Department updated residents on the current neighborhood clean-up program.

While most of the program is going well, more enforcement needs to occur to get people to move their vehicles during mechanical street cleaning days in order to be more effective, according to O’Brien.

Residents told O’Brien they are pleased with the Green Machine and Hokey clean-up system and with Code Enforcement currently occurring in the community.

Residents asked O’Brien to look into the possibility of having some sidewalks steam-cleaned. He didn’t promise anything but noted it was a possibility and would report back to the committee.

Chris Young provided a thousand refrigerator magnets that have clear instructions on all the rules and regulations for keeping the neighborhood streets clean.

The magnets sponsored by the North End Chamber of Commerce will be distributed by local realtors to all their clients. If needed the Chamber will provide an additional thousand to them.

He noted that the Chamber has also sponsored smoke pots which have been delivered to some businesses with other to follow.

Tina Busa confirmed that the realtors she has approached will distribute the magnets.

Once completed, the City of Boston will mail out a letter and flyer pertaining to placement of trash and other information relating to a cleaner community.

Also mentioned was the fact that the "Green Ticket Bill" is currently in effect.

The committee emphasized the "See It…Report It position residents should adopt. Call 617-635-4500.

Anne Pistore reported that the rodent problem continues in the neighborhood. She urged residents to pack and place household trash properly. She also noted that feeding the birds contributes to the rodent food supply.

Ausonia Council Apartments on Commercial Street was singled out as having a major rodent problem as well as a trash problem.

The next Clean Streets Committee meeting will be held on Thursday, June 15 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street.

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