NEWRA Opposes New Restaurant Closing Hours

A request for a change in hours by Monica’s Trattoria, 67 Salem Street was voted against (10-15) by the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) at its April monthly meeting.

The current closing hour is 11 PM, seven days a week. Requested changes Monday through Thursday 12 AM and Friday through Sunday 1 AM.

A negative response by residents for the development of a hotel at 42 Cross Street, North End was indicated at the meeting.

Stillman Street residents and others expressed concerns relating to noise, parking, traffic flow and the suggested 55-foot structure (which meets the height requirements).

Residents also complained about the public process with one person suggesting the return of Pace’s Grocery and Maria’s Bakery Shop. Apparently both the city and developer have made every effort to conduct regular public meetings.

The developer has submitted and expanded PNF to the BPDA. Comment for the present proposal is April 19.

Plans call for two-ground-floor restaurants, a roof-top dining area on multi-parcels of land including a parking lot.

NEWRA has sent a comment letter to BPDA.

Nick Black, managing Director of the Trustees Boston Waterfront Initiative discussed a recently launched survey of residents, workers and business owners that seek to learn more about community preference to a developing open space along the Waterfront in the North End.

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