City Addresses North End Outdoor Dining and Parking

When the City of Boston officially announced that for the second consecutive year that outdoor dining has been authorized in the North End until December, residents expressed some concerns about the project.

Like last year, concerns were expressed relating to noise, safety, traffic flow, social distancing, closing hours and especially replacement parking due to the loss of spaces created by the program.

Before outdoor dining began, the City held a virtual public meeting to inform the community of the proposed plan and action taken related to concerns raised.

“Residents received a complete update on outdoor dining that has started,” North End Neighborhood Services Liaison John Romano, Jr. told the Review. “Like last year, the City has developed off-street parking for residents,” he added.

Parking alternatives are being offered at TD Garden, Government Center Garage, Haymarket Garage and Sergeants Wharf along the waterfront.

Haymarket Garage at Parcel 7 is free 24/7.

Government Center Garage is free from 4 PM to 9 AM all day on weekends.

TD Garden is free, 24/7. Not guaranteed for the length of the program.

Sergeant’s Wharf parking is $300 a month, 24/7.

“Residents who meet the requirements will be eligible for parking spaces,” Romano said. “Those that applied last year must reapply.”

Spaces are limited and spots will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Once assigned a space, residents must use that spot for the duration of the program. No exchanging of spots will be allowed.

All applicants must have a valid residential parking permit to apply.

Residents can apply using the online form at www.hit.lylParkingNE21.

“Applicants must select a parking garage preference by ranking the options available,” Romano said. “Preferences are not guaranteed.”

Denied applications, can be appealed to the parking clerk by emailing, [email protected] or by calling 617-635-4410.

Residents with additional concerns can contact [email protected] Strict enforcements on all requirements and regulations will be imposed by the City in a timely manner

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