By Phil Orlandella

Gun Control Bills Need to Move Forward

Two pieces of legislation relating to gun control, passed by the House and Senate, are still stalled on Capital Hill and legislations are on August summer break.

Both bills involve background checks, new language that will reportedly close loopholes in the nation’s system for gun purchases and will lengthen check review period deadlines.

Hopefully, when the elected officials holding up the bill returned to their stomping ground, the necessary action needed to move the bills forward will happen immediately, if not sooner.

Brothers to Receive Community Award

Longtime Green Cross Pharmacy owners, Joseph and Fred Giangregorio will be presented this year’s Michael A. Nazzaro Service Award for their commitment to the neighborhood and the Italian American community.

The award will be presented by the North End Columbus Day Committee at a reception at a local restaurant.

Both Joseph and Fred are well deserving of this special award.

Swim Meet a Big Splash

There was a lot of splicing and splashing at the BCYF Mirabella Pool swim meet organized by the Nazzaro Community Center staff.

The fun filled aquatic event featured Center members 4-18 years old managed to keep their heads above water racing to the finish line.

North End National Night Out Attracts Hundreds

District A-1 National Night Out held in the North End at the Paul Revere Mall (Prado) was a successful combination of educational and informational neighborhood events that was taken in by numerous residents of all ages.

The yearly event is usually held in conjunction with North End Against Drugs (NEAD) Family Pride Week schedule.

Many other organizations participated in the special activity that also included entertainment, food and beverages.

Police Need Help to Stop Crime

Removing guns off the streets is a top priority in Boston and the endeavor is proving fruitful as 450 guns have been secured by Boston Police during the month of August.

Getting guns off the streets is a good way to prevent shootings that have created a public safety problem and many concerns by residents.

It appears that Boston Police are not sitting on their hands on this major issue that guns pose as they continue to combat this vital problem on a daily basis.

Police are consistently strengthening relationships with neighborhoods to help residents stay safe from gun violence and other crimes.

Monthly Public Safety meetings are held in Boston communities creating positive relationships.

Public events like National Night Out are held yearly to encourage the public to get involved in helping to stop crime.

Getting guns off the streets and fighting crime is no easy task. But without some assistance from the general public, the task becomes even harder.

Residents need to step to the plate to help reduce crime in their neighborhoods.

Three numbers 911 will make a real difference in stopping crime.

NEAD Family Fun Festival a True Community Event

North End Family Fun Festival hosted by North End Against Drugs (NEAD) was a week-long neighborhood event that had a variety of things to do that featured National Night Out with District A-1 Boston Police.

Activities were scheduled at different venues throughout the neighborhood and numerous agencies and organizations participated in the event that provided something to do for people of all ages.

Many sponsors helped make the community event the success was.

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