North End Dodgers Split Games 3 and 4

After losing two games in North Adams, as part of the annual LaFesta Baseball Exchange 2019, the North End Dodgers managed to split the two games played in Boston.

Construction at Puopolo Park is under renovations forcing the games to be played in East Boston and Charlestown baseball fields.

Game one was won by the North End on artificial turf (Puopolo Park will have this turf next season) so it was a preview of things to come on the North End field. While the home town team won, the spirit of the Exchanged carried the evening.

After a hard-fought game, the teams returned to the North End for an Italian dinner at the Nazzaro Center prepared by Mangia, Mangia and then headed down to the feast, a real treat for the players from North Adams.

Patricia Romano, Ann Fitzgerald, Officer Teddy Boyle, Olivia Scimeca, Yvonne and Vanessa Igoe served the meal.

North Adams captured the second game played in Charlestown where the teams had breakfast at the park.

It was another great game ending the 2019 series. Both teams receive commemorative medals as souvenirs representing the Exchange series.

MVPs were selected. In North Adams it was the George Canales Award and in the North End it was the Robert DeCristoforo Award.

Next year will mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Baseball Exchange with some great surprises in store at both locations.

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