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Municipal Lobbyist Required to Register with City

A registration portal for lobbyists in Boston has been launched by the City requiring registration twice a year.

In 2018, Mayor Martin Walsh signed into law the City’s municipal lobbying ordinance aim to further promote good government, requiring lobbyist, lobbyist entities and lobbying clients to register with the City Clerk Office.

There will also be two different disclosure statements reporting requirements due on or before July 20 and October 20.

The City Council, after years of negotiations with the Mayor and his Administration passed an ordinance creating a system that brings accountability to municipal lobbying for the first time according to the Mayor.

“This ordinance will help to meet the high expectations that Boston residents expect and deserve,” Mayor Walsh said.

The ordinance also created a City-level enforcement commission to ensure compliance.

Two Art Grants Available

Applications are being accepted for a second round of the Arts Fellowship Award and a new Project Gradient according to Boston Mayor Martin Walsh’s Arts and Culture. Boston residents only.

The award invests in the advancement of mid-career artists living in Boston. Applications are due by Friday, May 17, by 5 p.m.

“The two-grant programs will allow us to better recognize local artists and their meaningful, contributions to the City,” the Mayor said.

Swan Boats Launched

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh hosted the official first ride of the season on the popular Boston Swan Boats on the Public Garden Lagoon.

“The Swan Boats have been a star attraction in Boston since they were first launched in 1877,” the Mayor said.

This annual spring opening attraction is made possible by the Paget family, owners and operators of the Swan Boats.

Launched by Irish immigrant and shipbuilder Robert Paget who designed the boats after attending the opera Lohengrin in New York City.

After the conclusion of the opera, the hero crosses a river in a boat drawn by a swan.

New Recycling Program

A new pilot program to encourage recycling participation will soon find it even easier to do it right has been launched by the City of Boston.

A new public education campaign and efforts to expand recycling in city parks, household and in public spaces is geared to make it easier to recycle.             Boston was one of seven US communities to receive a $250,000 grant from Coca-Cola.

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