Formation of North End Clean Streets Committee in Progress

Formation of a new North End Clean Streets Committee is underway.

A public meeting to discuss and potentially create a non-profit agency geared towards keeping the historic community cleaner and dealing with the placement of trash out properly.

Coordinated by Boston City Counselor Lydia Edwards and North End Community Liaison Michael Bonetti, the meeting attracted many local residents on a frigid night.

All the same subjects relating to clean streets were referenced at the meeting, that goes back many, many years and are still talked about today.

The only real difference is this committee group plans to raise funding for their cause, educate landlords, tenants and the business community that there are rules and regulations that include penalties for non-compliance.

The group expressed their negative opinions relating to the current status by the City of Boston’s ability to keep the neighborhood clean, mentioning Mechanic Street Cleaning on two days is not working, manpower cleaners have been cut to one-person, continuous trash cluttering the streets, not enough trash barrels placed in the neighborhood and trash placement debris.

The community while electing officers is still seeking to increase its membership, volunteers and the business community to deal with all the trash problems the community faces on a regular basis.

In addition, a clean streets sponsorship campaign is being formulated.

The committee offices are: President Dr. Joe Mendola, Vice President Kristin Hoffman, Secretary Tina Natale, and Treasurer Justine Romano. Co-chairs: John Pregmon and Tina Busa. The committee plans to meet once a month. February meeting is scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 28, at 6:30 p.m. site to be determined.

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