A Unique Opportunity for St Leonard’s Church

Saint Leonard Parish has been presented with a unique opportunity requiring that we seize the moment and take advantage of it for such an opportunity might never come again. Six months ago, a generous benefactor from Florida offered to match dollar for dollar donations to  Saint Leonard’s renovation, up to one million dollars, his matching offer was to end on July 1st.

This past week, the benefactor presented Saint Leonard Parish with a check for $275,000 which was in addition to $80,000 that had already been given to the parish in installments. The checks totaled Three hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars matching the donations of our parishioners and tourists. We could have raised more if the Business Community of the North End helped but unfortunately with four or five exceptions, they have been silent.

After presenting Fr. Antonio with his checks, the benefactor unexpectedly extended the deadline of his offer to the end of this year, meaning,  that he will match up to Six hundred and forty-five thousand additional dollars, completing his million dollar pledge. Fr. Antonio and the Friars of Saint Leonard Parish, once again, asks our parishioners and patrons, and in particular, the business community of the North End, who up to now, with few exceptions, has been silent, to “step up to the plate” and help us take advantage of this unique opportunity. If we succeed, Saint Leonard Parish will be guaranteed a bright future with its newly renovated church. It would be capable of maintaining Sacred Heart Italian Church as well as the other buildings entrusted to Parish care.  It would allow the Franciscans to serve our historic North End community and countless tourists well into the future.

Please be assured of the appreciation and continued prayers of the Friars of Saint Leonard Parish for all our parishioners and benefactors whose commitment to the Parish has remained steadfast for nearly 150 years.

Your donation to this worthy cause may be sent to:

Saint Leonard Parish   320 Hanover Street. Boston, MA 02113 or visit our Website:  Saintleonardchurchboston.org.


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