NSC provides many  neighborhood services

ABCD’s North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center (NSC) located at 1 Michelangelo Street has become a vibrant place for senior citizens to go for many programs, activities, and holiday special lunches, usually provided by elected officials, neighborhood businesses and agencies.

NSC also has a food bank that serves as many people as possible as long as supplies lasts.

In addition to all this, NSC hosts many guest speakers that provide valuable information for seniors in a wide-range of topics that benefit them.


National Night Out featured      at NEAD Festival

National Pride Day held in conjunction with the North End Against Drugs (NEAD) annual Family Fun Festival was another successful community event that attracted hundreds of residents and others to the special activity.

The special event produced something for everyone to do, (what else is new?) and free food as well.

Everyone involved with National Night Out did in an outstanding job making the neighborhood activity enjoyable and informational day. It was definitely a 10!


Early voting dates make sense

Establishing an early voting schedule in Boston for the 2018 State elections was a good thing to do.

Early voting locations throughout the city will without question, draw many more voters to the polls. It also makes it possible for people who cannot get to the voting stations on election day to be a part of the process.

It makes sense.


Sons and Daughters of            Italy being formed

Rekindling a North End Sons and Daughters of Italy Chapter in the community is a great idea. The wheels are already turning towards this goal.

Having a local chapter can only mean good things that will benefit the neighborhood in general.

Soliciting membership is already underway and reportedly, many people have shown an interest which some of them already committed.


Martignetti/Romano make North End baseball happen

Before the baseball season comes to an end, it’s time to recognize Ralph Martignetti and John Romano for putting together another program of baseball for children of all ages.

Ralph and John or is it John and Ralph, do an excellent job of organizing numerous programs throughout the spring, summer and early fall through the North End Athletic Association (NEAA).

Each year, over 200 players participate in various leagues, both locally and on the road.

The positive effort these young men have made over many years, deserves recognition.

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