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City Campaign… 20,000 Good Jobs

By the year 2022, BostonHires, a City-led effort to promote quality jobs for Boston residents under the direction of the Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development (OWD), aims to place 20,000 unemployed or under employed residents in good jobs-defined as jobs paying at least the living wage, with half of these offering employer-sponsored benefits.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh has encouraged city companies, small businesses and community-based organizations to join BostonHires.

Youth Homelessness Action Plan

A consultant has been selected and tasked with creating an action plan to end youth homelessness throughout the city.

Matthew Aronson and his team of consultants will research and create an action plan to support young individuals experiencing homelessness and put them on a pathway toward stable housing.

“The City has taken significant steps forward, but we need to take that experience and success and build a new approach,” Mayor Walsh said.

Commission Releases Health of Boston Report

The latest Health of Boston report has been released by the City of Boston.

The report presents the overall health of Boston residents, providing a foundation for the City’s further planning and implementation of health -related services and policies and supports the Boston Public Health Commission’s critical role in furthering health equity in Boston.

“The report, serves as a roadmap to drive and prioritize our efforts by not only describing the health successes and challenges we face as a city, but also offering real world perspectives,” Mayor Martin Walsh noted.


St. John School third grade students visited the Boston Public Market Kitchen to lunch and learn with Rebecca Lloyd from Chestnut Farms.  The experience was enjoyed by all the students.  Many questions about farm life and the food chain were asked and answered with great emphasis put on Farm to Table and fresh local products.  The students loved making and eating crepes.  They learned about writing and  following the recipe and how to cook with care.  The crepes were golden brown, with a light crisp.

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