Illegal Guns on the Streets Triggers Concerns

Illegal use and possession of handguns has become a pistol hot subject in the City of Boston.

Despite a major effort by police to curb the problem, it seems the situation has increased considerably.

No one seems to be pulling the trigger to resolve this deadly situation plaguing the city.

The problem has become a Dodge City-OK Corral scenario in some neighborhoods, and it has the potential of becoming a bigger problem, something no one wants, except those with the illegal guns.

There have been too many shootings thus far with deadly results.

Boston Police cannot stop the problem alone. They need people to call 911 to provide information relating to the illegal guns and other crimes so the streets can be returned to the neighborhoods, not the culprits who could care less about public safety.

            The call is anonymous and could save a life and get the bad guys off the streets.

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