Community Stabilization Act Protects Tenants

A home rule petition, the Jim Brooks Community Stabilization Act (JBCSA) has been passed in the Boston City Council and signed by Boston Mayor Martin Walsh.

Once enacted by the State Legislature, the new law will help protect residential tenants and former homeowners living in their homes following a foreclosure against arbitrary, unreasonable, discriminatory, or retaliatory evictions, and help ensure that tenants and former homeowners are aware of their rights under State law.

The Legislation will be able to track and better manage displacements and provide resources to help families stay in their homes, keeping neighborhood stable and diverse.

The bill requires landlords to notified the City in case of evictions and to provide tenants information concerning their legal rights and resources when serving a notice to quit or other notice of lease non-renewable or expiration. This notice is called “City Rights Notice” and will be created by the City’s Office of Housing Stability.

This bill will ensure residents throughout Boston that they have the support and protection they need.

Hopefully, the State Legislature agrees.

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