By Phil Orlandella

Mayor’s Youth Council an asset to the City

Having a selected group of high school age students serving on Mayor Martin Walsh’s Youth Council will help make the city better place to live, enjoy and work.

Committed young people will help to improve community issues and initiatives by providing valuable information and solid suggestions.

Boston’s youth are the future generation who will play key roles in the prosperity of the city through their views and contributions, that could make a real difference immediately or down the road.

They have a great opportunity to help steer the city in the right direction related to public safety, recreational activities, budgeting, civic engagement and the arts throughout Boston neighborhoods.

The Youth Council is a true asset to the City of Boston.

Passacantilli is the   right choice

North Ender Stephen Passacantilli has worked his tail off to get to the final District One Boston City Council election and he did, topping the ticket, winning his hometown district convincingly.

Stephen accomplished this by the old fashion door knocking and wearing out the leather on his shoes, and it obviously worked.

North End/Waterfront voters need to continue to support Stephen in the next election that will determine the community’s next City Councilor for the next two years.

Stephen has been a community activist that was involved in numerous neighborhood endeavors that help make a difference in the North End/Waterfront areas

The lifelong North End resident has the knowledge and neighborhood experience that will make him a great asset to the neighborhood.

Stephen is almost there, but needs the North End votes to go over the top.

Stephen Passacantilli is the right choice to serve as District One Boston City Councilor.

Police want to hear about crime, make     the calls

Only when something negative occurs in the North End, do residents find their way to the Boston Police, District A-1 Public Safety meeting, after the fact.

The battle against crime can work before the fact if residents and the business community become more aware of their turf and assist the police with information related to crime.

Boston Police need to hear from the neighborhood to reduce crime and set the stage to get rid of the bad guys, once and for all.

One phone call to the police could prevent a crime. Make the call.

Mike Gianasoli always available to help out

A household name in the North End, especially within the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) and North End Against Drugs (NEAD) is Michael (Fudd) Gianasoli who is extremely active in the community.

Mike is not only very involved in the neighborhood events and programs but he helps sponsor them as well.

            Mike grew up in the North End and has never forgotten his roots. He’s always available to help the neighborhood in any way and every way possible.

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