Changing Election Rules and Policies is Nothing but Political Pressure

A move to have same-day voter registration in Boston and statewide is being suggested by pocket groups that want to change the election rules.

The rationale is based on several factors including a Massachusetts Superior Court ruling stating the current 20-day deadline for registering is unconstitutional. The supporters feel the election policy should be changed.

Having 20-days to register to vote appears to be ample time to register.

Holding a public hearing that will basically draw mostly supporters, will not get a true statewide opinion change.

The only way to clearly define what the general public wants is to have a ballot question placed on any statewide election with a start day if it passes and the trash pail if it falters.

Let the people decide what they want, not a single judge or organization that wants what they want, when they want it.

Changing an election policy needs to be well thought out before voting on it to get votes to be reelected or elected is simply not right. It’s called political pressure.

The pros and cons of this proposal should be fully examined before action is taken because people are too lazy to get out and register and want to change things.

Same-day registration will cost the taxpayers additional money, cause confusion, challenges and mistakes on election day.

            Let’s not shove new election policies down the public’s throat without giving them a say.

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