Get Ready for North End Feast Season

Summer is the traditional feast season in the North End community with thousands of local residents and visitors flocking into the neighborhood for each of the festivities, held on weekends for the most part.

Feasts are a celebration of neighborhood patron saints for many societies located in the community.

Societies work hard to organize these special events each year. They coordinate with the City, Boston Police and residents to make sure the feasts are enjoyable and safe.

One of the major commitments societies made years ago was to shut down at 11 PM each night, thus dispensing the crowds, much earlier than in the past.

Local residents were pleased with that measure which allow them to be able to get some sleep. Several other agreements were also made to appease the community.

Feast are major events and respect for the neighborhood is paramount.

Societies have done a commendable job making these events successful, enjoyable and safe with a special atmosphere in the heart of the community while addressing neighborhood concerns and needs.

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