Review Supports Shot-Term Rental Legislation

Legislation file by State Representative Aaron Michlewitz will go a long way toward resolving regulations dealing with short-term rentals in Massachusetts, especially in each individual neighborhood like the North End/Waterfront.

If enacted, measures like public safety, protection for renters and residents, inspections, proper insurance, greater levels of transparency and access to information will be part of the legislation.

The bill secures that landlords are responsible for being good neighbors.

This proposal not only covers all the issues but it will generate up to $50 million in new funds for the state, which is needed.

Rep. Michlewitz legislation provides rules and regulations governing the robust hospitality industry to thrive and continue to be the major economic engine it has been. The state can certainly use the economic boost. The measure also addresses many community concerns that have been raised.

The Regional Review supports this short-term rental legislation and commends Rep. Michlewitz for filing this much-needed bill that appears to be a win-win situation.

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