City Planning Major Volunteer Cleanup Projects

A new high impact cleaning program “Love Your Block” will begin this April spearheaded by the City of Boston.

Formally, “Boston Shines” the spring cleaning program encourages residents to improve their neighborhoods over the course of a weekend in April.

Projects will include: community gardens, parks, public schools and sidewalks.

The city will provide staff to organize the cleanup from designated areas within the neighborhood.

Hopefully, numerous residents will take pride in their community and participate in this major volunteer cleanup project to do their part to keep neighborhoods beautiful and debris free.

Community organizations, the business community and residents should form groups to tackle the task of having a clean neighborhood.

Start now. Don’t wait until the last minute. Spread the word. Volunteers can sign up at

In addition, the city plans to conduct year-round cleanups and applications for innovated beautification mini-grants and new uses for city-provided tool sheds are currently available.

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