Mayor Committed to End Human Trafficking and Dealing with Climate Change

Organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences a conference to discuss human trafficking and climate change was held at Vatican City with leaders from around the world, including Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh. The workshops entitled “The Modern Slavery and Climate Change” and “Prosperity, People, and Planet: Achieving Sustainable Development in Our Cities” brought together Mayor’s, local administrators and religious leaders from major cities around the world. The goal was to convince the United Nations to consider modern slavery and human trafficking a crime against humanity and to put pressure on the UN to approve new sustainable development goals. The mayor is committed to ending human trafficking in Boston as well as climate change impacts that could have future ramification on the city. He is among several mayors in a network called Cities Empowered Against Sexual Exploitation (CEASE) that targets men in Boston who are buying sex on the streets and quietly using the Internet to solicit sex. Mayor Walsh’s Greenovate Boston 2014 Climate Action Plan Upgrade, taking steps to prepare the city for the impacts of climate change is a framework for building a greener, healthier and more prosperous city was as necessary move to get well ahead of any problems.

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