BRA Action Plan Addresses Concerns

Since last year, an independent review of the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) and an action plan to address concerns that were uncovered during the study have been announced.

For many years, the North End/Waterfront neighborhood has not been happy with some of the projects that BRA have approved despite community opposition or request to alter the proposed projects.

Labeled as a not too friendly or uncooperative agency by community residents, the BRA based on this review could turn the negative image around.

The action plan calls for the elevation and reconstructing of the agency’s real estate management department in order to optimize BRA owned assets and generate new revenue from those holdings.

Plans also highlight plans geared to improve systems and implement a more forward-looking budget strategy within the administration and finance department.

The report suggests that staff should be added to support the proactive initiatives that are currently underway.

More importantly, the report calls for addressing the department’s shortcomings which will hopefully develop a better rapport and communications with the neighborhood.

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