Healey Cracks Down on Illegal Drug Prescriptions

Cracking down on doctors and “pill mill” clinics illegally prescribing the addictive narcotics that are fueling the deadly outbreak of opiate overdoses in the state is a top priority for Attorney General Maura Healey.

The time has come to monitor this illegal practice to ensure that this outbreak of overdoses declines as soon as possible.

Healey has ordered several of her top staff to cut through Medicare databases and chase tips on doctors or clients handing out powerful painkillers. Her plan calls for working with medical professionals to put in place safe prescribing practices.

If the AG’s office identifies criminal or truly reckless prescribing practices they are prepared to take the necessary action needed to shut down “pill mills” or go after doctors who are wrongfully putting prescriptions in people’s hands without regard to their health, well-being or the safety of the community.

A crackdown on these practices will reduce the chances of people obtaining drugs through illegal prescriptions.

Healy has taken a giant step forward in combating drug use through tightening up on these practices.

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