Snow… Snow. Go Away!

The past four weeks have not been ideal conditions for the state, cities and towns as snow has fallen at a ridiculous pace, making it difficult to remove and place.

Parking spaces could not be cleared fast enough, side and small streets could not get much attention. Mounds were so high they looked like mountains and sidewalks at times became impassable forcing people to walk in the streets.

Handicapped people virtually became trapped in their homes.

Call after call went into City Hall complaining about snow removal, despite the city going all out to keep up with the blizzard and the following snowstorms.

Reportedly, the city hasn’t seen this much snowfall in the short time it fell and it’s become a monumental task to deal with the conditions that prevailed.

Surely, residents and the business community have the right to gripe when it’s justified, however, under these terrible conditions, those responsible for snow removal did the best they could, on a continuing basis.

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