Is It Possible for Boston to Host the Summer Olympics

People who support the possibility of the 2024 Summer Olympics being held in Boston and in part of Greater Boston as well as those who do not favor the idea of hosting the world games are certainly expressing their opinions loud and clear.

Obviously, Boston has not been selected to host the Olympic Games to date, but the selection committee will make a final selection in the future, based on the viability of the city, public safety and many other categories.

While both sides of the issue are making their points, with the struggle continuing, clear facts need to be produced so that the city can handle all aspects of a major event of this magnitude.

Public meetings are still being held at numerous venues that are suppose to advise the public that  Summer Olympic Games can absolutely work if Boston is selected as a host city.

The Governor, the Mayor, the Legislature, the City Council and Representatives from other cities and towns that are involved need to establish an active committee to weed out all the information, that without question indicates, if it’s possible on not relating to the games being held in Boston.

That is if Boston is selected to host the games.

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