Leash Law Still Being Abused in Community

North End/Waterfront residents still have their sights set on leash law problems that they claim occurs every day, mostly in public parks.

Dogs are running uncontrolled and there appears to be no end in sight because the city doesn’t have the manpower or other resources to respond to these leash law violators. It appears that this will not change in the near future.

It will most likely take a few serious dog bites to get more attention and possibly additional action on this issue residents feel needs to be addressed.

It appears some local dog owners don’t care and won’t accept their responsibility as residents. Take-off the leash and let them run anywhere they want seems to be the attitude taken by these not so good neighbors.

When a city representative tells the neighborhood group, “What I need from you people is, if it’s a problem in the North End. I can’t say I’m going to respond to every call immediately but if you give me a time window of where and when it’s happening, I’ll make sure that at least a couple of days a week, we’ll have an officer out there to at least make our presence known.” That’s further proof that the city cannot handle the problem and things will not change.

As the Review has noted several times in the past, a dog park or even two is needed in or close to the community where dogs can get their needed exercise, social activities and residents can feel safe. Dog owners will have no excuse to unleash their pets in public areas if a park exists.

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