Clock Stopped Ticking on 4am Closure Plan

The Wednesday, July 31 deadline for passing bills in the state legislature ran out, the clock also stopped ticking on part of a bill that would have created a 4am closure for bars, restaurant and lounges in designated areas in the South Boston waterfront district.

Mayor Martin Walsh has and will continue to support a push for the pilot program, he claims, will bolster the city’s economy.

While the pilot program is not geared toward the North End  yet, residents have expressed that they are worried that the 4am policy will eventually be extended into their neighborhood, a community already inundated with the 12am, 1am, 2am and even one 4am closure.

Residents for years have complained that their quality of life issues are getting worse in the late night early morning, especially on weekends when restaurants, bars and lounges start to empty out.

Once the legislature returns to business or at a special meeting, the 4am closure issue will be taken up again by the Senate and the House.

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz was among those who wanted additional information on the subject.

The request was held up in the House twice.

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