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Getting illegal guns off the streets is a must

Getting illegal guns off of Boston streets has to be given more priority by Mayor Martin Walsh and the Boston Police Department.

Guns are the number one weapon used in homicides, with a high percentage of unsolved murders relating to gun usage.

Reportedly, gangs are responsible for most gun related crimes in a city that is looking into hosting the 2024 Summer Olympics.

Since safety is one of the highest priorities in hosting these games, the city needs to deal with gang activities and the related crimes they generate or the chances of world-wide sports activities in Boston will be left at the starting gate.

a  Gang related activity and a significant decrease in getting illegal weapons off the city’s streets is a good start.

Getting guns off the streets will also help decrease crime, especially murders in the neighborhoods of Boston.

If feasible, Boston would be a great city to host such a prestigious world-wide sports event but crime issues need to be addressed.


North End Public Safety meeting needs to be revised

Someone or some community organization needs to take the bull by the horns and make the Boston Police North End Public Safety monthly meeting more productive and much more informative.

The new District A-1 Commanding Officer, when he attends, is not very effective, neither is the new Sergeant.

Officer Ted Boyle who has attended these meetings has always been consistent presenting Part 1 crime statistics. He is also involved in many community activities.

Something is wrong when residents are asking about actual police responses that have occurred and there is no report on them. The usual answer is “We’ll get back to you”.

Something is wrong when residents complain about the way police handle incidents when they do respond to 911 calls. The answer is usually “We’ll look into it and back to you”.

North End Public Safety meetings are simply not what they used to be, not even close.

Not being located in a high crime area doesn’t mean the community’s problems shouldn’t be giving the highest possible priority.

A Beatles song contains lyrics: “It’s only words…and words are all I have”.

Words are simply not enough!

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