75 New Liquor Licenses Exclude North End

It appears that the North End/Waterfront neighborhood will not be affected by legislation passed on Beacon Hill that would allow 75 new liquor license in the city.

The bill, part of a broad economic package, clearly restricts the neighborhood from obtaining any of these new liquor license at this time.

The bill also gives Mayor Martin Walsh the power to appoint the licensing board that will ultimately award them.

North End/Waterfront residents were never fully happy with the current state-controlled Licensing Board for the City of Boston and the way they ignored community concerns on issues relating to extended liquor license in their neighborhood.

The legislation will address both the immediate and long-term economic development needs of the Commonwealth.

The legislation, supported by the North End representatives on Beacon Hill, Senator Anthony Petrucelli and Representative Aaron Michlewitz will provide tools that will help to ensure that Massachusetts is replete with opportunities for growth and development.

“For Boston this bill will: create a pipeline to jobs through the re-capitalization of the Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund, attract large-scale development projects through the inclusion of the I-Cubed program and will spur economic growth in our neighborhoods through the insurances of additional liquor licenses,” Mayor Martin Walsh said in a prepared statement.

“The legislation will allow the city the ability to support small and local businesses in neighborhoods that historically have had less access to licenses,” the Mayor added.

“In addition, for the first time since 1906, through this bill, the city will have the ability to appoint its own liquor license board, a provision that every other community is afforded,” the Mayor noted.

Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina also supported the bill.

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