More and More Requests for Expansion in North End

It appears that there is no slow down of additional requests that directly affect the North End community and there appears to be no relief in sight, all in the name of progress.

A first floor/basement request on Hanover Street, an official increase of capacity on Commercial Street, a new restaurant on Hanover Street, an expanded market on Atlantic Avenue and a DJ entertainment request have been proposed lately.

There is more to come as the community continues to be a major destination for visitors, diners and tourists. Everyone seems to want to corral some of the movement that appears to be getting larger each year.

While the community received a temporary victory when the 4am bar and restaurant license was shut down in the House, the Senate has amended the bill and it will return to the House for another vote.

Representative Aaron Michlewitz along with some of his colleagues managed to derail the bill the first time around.

Reportedly, even with changes, it appears the bill will not pass in the House the second time around.

Could this be wishful thinking or a fact? We’ll know shortly.

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