City Should Control Licensing Board

Legislation that would place the currently State Licensing Board under the control of the City of Boston should be passed.

Under the present board’s reign the North End/Waterfront neighborhood has been on the short stick, basically losing every decision.

Recently, both North End civic groups voted overwhelming not to change a liquor license for a local business to 2am. The Board approved the change anyway.

This is only one example of the Licensing Board for the City of Boston totally ignoring the wishes of the community, with no accountability.

Under the direction of a City Licensing Board, the Mayor will nominate candidates to service on the Board with the Boston City Council approving each member.

The length of terms and how many Board members will be appointed has not been determined.

Having the city control the Licensing Board allows for much more accountability that the community wants.

The word is the transfer should be passed. Hopefully it does.

1 comment for “City Should Control Licensing Board

  1. WhydoIevenreadarticlecomments
    July 26, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Just because the Mayor will appoint the board – doesn’t mean that they will listen to residents any better. BRA is a case in point. Also just because the (split) residential groups agreed (for once) on one license issue, that doesn’t illustrate the regular detriment that having two competing organizations brings to the table – regularly with opposing views. This 2 factions scenario just serves to mute the neighborhoods voice. Lastly – denying a local business it’s right to operate to the same hours as other businesses do within a 100 yards of it is unfair. I commend the board for using common sense over NIMBY thinking.

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