Residents Must Express Opinions at Community Meetings

After the fact. Monday night quarterback. These are a few of the sayings that related to North End/Waterfront residents who don’t attend neighborhood meetings and complain when it’s too late or not meaningful.

The last NEWRA and NEWNC monthly meetings had standing room only crowds. Only because there was a major issue on the agenda. This doesn’t happen that often and it should not take a controversial issue to fill the hall.

These community groups address many related requests and proposals every month and usually take a yes or no vote on each issue. Once in a while, request are tabled for several reasons.

NEWNC and NEWRA are made up of residents that apparently care  about the lifestyle of the neighborhood and want to hear from their neighbors on any and all issues and concerns.

However, they can only obtain resident’s opinions if they attend the monthly meetings and speak up.

The same goes for the monthly Boston Police North End Public Safety meetings.

It is extremely important for residents to express opinions on issues related to the preservation of the neighborhood.

Sitting on your hands only means your hands will get warm.

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