Most People Don’t Know Who the Candidates Are

Massachusetts will elect another governor soon and if asked the question “Do you know who the gubernatorial candidates are?” Mostly, the response from people will be Ah!

Of course some people will know one, possibly two candidates, maybe?

In a few months, the state will be electing its number one official on Beacon Hill, yet the candidates name recognition are not really known at this time.

The news media has pounded out their names continuously and will continue to do so, hopefully getting the message out “Whose running for Governor?”

Candidates for Lieutenant Governor name recognition is simply worse.

Massachusetts voters need to catch up with their politics, after all this is a governor’s race not a dog catches election.

Voters need to tune into the facts and know about the candidates platform. Make a decision on who is the best person to run the state, then follow it up by going to the polls on primary day and the general election.

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